2018 Drone Rodeo Dates Announced

The fourth annual pre-CES Drone Rodeo has officially launched for January 8th, 2018. Stay tuned for news on venue and exhibitors.

New Exhibitors Announced at the 2017 Drone Rodeo

2017’s Drone Rodeo at the Las Vegas Aerodrome is gathering momentum with a new batch of exhibitors. This week, the Rodeo welcomes DJI Enterprise Dealer Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems, RC Logger, UVify, Vantage Robotics, Power Up Toys and Avegant to the roster of exhibitors.

Exhibitors and visitors to the 2017 Drone Rodeo will enjoy unbridled access to live demos of the latest and greatest drone hardware ranging from DJI’s new line of Inspire 2 and Mavic hardware to UVify’s Draco series, a new class of modular racing quads — the fastest production racing drones in the world.

Exhibitors and press can still sign up for open slots at Drone.rodeo.

Drone Rodeo: Wildest Event In Tech Returns to CES 2017

The Drone Rodeo, the premier drone industry event at CES, is returning for more high-flying fun in the high desert.

Called “The Wildest Event in Tech” in 2016 by ABC News Digital, the Drone Rodeo brings media together with drone manufacturers, race pilots and accessory makers to fly drones in their natural habitat: wide open spaces.

“Flying inside a cage at the convention center doesn’t really show off the true power of a drone, and air space around the convention center is restricted,” says Matt Sloane, CEO of Atlanta Drone Group, and executive producer of The Drone Rodeo. “We’re doing the next best thing – finding a cool place in the desert to show off amazing technology then pairing up media and exhibitors in one concise event.”

This year’s Rodeo takes place at The Aerodrome, the world’s first commercial droneport located in Boulder City, just outside the restricted airspace around Las Vegas. (Free shuttles provided)

Headlining this year’s Rodeo: DJI – the world’s largest drone manufacturer via its enterprise dealer Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems. That team will show off the Inspire 2, Mavic and Phantom 4 Professional models, as well as its new crop-spraying drone, the Agras MG-1.

The Rodeo is also partnering with UVify, makers of the new Draco line of ultra-high-performance modular racing drones, to put on a live drone race at the event where media will be able to race side-by-side with professional pilots.

Also on tap: check out the amazing first-person-view (FPV) offerings from Avegant, makers of the Glyph, and the third generation Moverio glasses from tech giant Epson.

More flying machines from RC Logger and PowerUp Toys will also take to the skies, and you’ll see the latest in 3D-printed drone accessories from Sculpteo.

Come stretch your legs in the desert on Wednesday, January 5th from noon – 5pm. Shuttles will be provided from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center regularly starting at 11am, and will return to Mandalay through 6pm.

To register for The Drone Rodeo, go to http://drone.rodeo or email matt@drone.rodeo for more information.

Drone Rodeo Launches to Bring Live Drone Experience to CES

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, November 18, 2015 – Atlanta Drone Consultants today announced the launch of the second annual Drone Rodeo, an unofficial extension of the Consumer Electronics Show focused on providing hands-on flight experiences for brands, media and consumers.

Taking place at the Clark County Shooting Complex on Tuesday, the 5th of January, the Drone Rodeo is an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and supporters of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry to highlight the next generation of drone technology in an open and unrestricted space.

“This is the CES that drone manufacturers always wanted,” said Matt Sloane, General Manager of the Drone Rodeo. “Between the unrestricted airspace and the excellent footprint of the Clark County Shooting Complex, the Drone Rodeo will be an open canvas on which the community can preview their 2016 lineup.”

Top-tier drone OEMs will cycle through the Rodeo’s main stage over the course of the day, giving hands-on demos and launching a range of new industry-related products. Industry exhibitors will also be at the Rodeo to give live technology demos through the course of the day. Visitors and media will further get hands-on experience with the latest developments of head to head drone racing through exclusive partners with a dedicated racecourse.

Exhibitors and Media can still sign up for the Drone Rodeo at http://drone.rodeo.